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2019 Camry Hybrid[EU]

Strengthening Toyota's presence in the D/E sedan segment, the new Toyota Camry Hybrid represents a unique offer thanks to its powerful, self-charging hybrid electric powertrain. The new sedan expands Toyota's European line-up of hybrid electric vehicles to eight models.

The current increasing interest and demand for hybrid vehicles paves the way for the re-introduction of the Camry in Western Europe after an absence of 15 years.

The new Camry Hybrid's 2.5 litre Hybrid Dynamic Force powertrain combines fuel efficiency, low emissions and quiet operation with more power and greater responsiveness. Delivering 160 kW/218 DIN hp, the Camry Hybrid generates CO2 emissions as low as 98 g/km (WLTP: 119 g/km) and returns combined fuel consumption of only 4.3 l/100 km.

The new Toyota Hybrid System (THS II) includes new Sequential Shiftmatic technology that allows the driver to 'shift' with the console-mounted lever, mimicking a conventional six-speed automatic transmission for a more engaging driving experience.

The all-new Camry is the 8th generation of a model that has won countless awards and distinctions since it first went on sale in 1982. The car is sold in more than 100 countries globally, with sales totalling over 19 million units to date.

With annual sales of more than 700,000 units, Camry remains the best-selling D/E segment sedan in the world.

The latest generation Camry is a product of the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) design and engineering philosophy. TNGA places enthusiast-oriented 'fun to drive' characteristics and alluring styling on an equal footing with excellent build quality, reliability and safety.

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